The presence of termites in your home or under your home is a serious problem that should be treated by professionals.


The best time to protect your home from termites is before it is built. By treating the soil with  at labeled rates, your home will protected from termites for up to 10 years, and you will never have to worry about termites or the damage they can do. A treatment before the house is built can be considerably less invasive than waiting until you are living in your house and have to move furniture and stored items in the garage to get to the areas that need to be treated.

Twin Services termite pre-treatment is not the cheapest in the market. We use the best products and do the job right. There are many companies out there that are willing to treat your home for pennies on the square foot and you may as well be using water. Ask us why our pre-treatment is different and why you don’t want to skion a few bucks when it comes to protecting your home from the most destructive force in nature.

Post Treatment

After termites have been found in your home, a remedial treatment is necessary. We recommend a treatment with Termidor for the best control. Termidor has tested far superior to other products. In fact, Termidor has been found to be so effective that a remedial treatment can usually be accomplished by treating the exterior of the house, along with the infested areas in side. Other termiticides require the foundation to be treated on the inside perimeter as well as the exterior perimeter.  The makers of Termidor guarantee their product for 10 years.

Monitoring and Baiting Systems

Although a liquid treatment with a superior product is your best bet, when treating or preventing termites, there are situations that require different solutions. We use the best stations available to monitor and treat your termites. Regular monitoring / baiting can be done in conjunction with regular pest control service, and we offer significant discounts when the services are done together.